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Sensoria Socks

Sensoria socks are comfortable, washable and allow users to collect real time data on relevant metrics.    Each sock is infused with textile pressure sensors, has a nine axis IMU and wireless connectivity.

Sensoria Sock for Gait Analysis

Sensoria Socks Gait lab

Independent study from University of Sherbrooke comparing Sensoria Smart Socks to traditional gait lab tools:

“We proposed a system to determine the spatio-temporal parameters of gait based on an easy-to-use non-cumbersome sock system that could be worn with all shoe types. These characteristics are very important for a wearable system to be used in a free-living environment and for a long period of time. The proposed system has been proven to be accurate for the estimation of temporal gait parameters and had better accuracy than a system commonly used in clinical applications (Mobility Lab) in estimating spatial parameters. The IMU-instrumented sock systems could potentially be used for the estimation of the spatio-temporal parameters of gait in clinical settings and in free-living conditions, but the data should be interpreted with spatial precautions in patients with severely reduced gait speed. Further studies are needed to validate the system in different conditions and populations.”


Sensoria Gait

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