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Garrison Redd's Story

“When I was 17, on an ordinary summer night in NY I got struck by a stray bullet while walking outside my house.”
The young high school football star was not the intended target, but in that moment, his goal to go pro was shattered.
“My doctor said, ‘You may not be a pro football player, but you can be a coach.’ And from there I just thought about becoming a leader. I’m gonna inspire people. I’m gonna motivate people to be their best self.
Now I am both a coach and a US Paralympic Weightlifting Athlete.” Garrison is now the top athlete in his weight class in the country.
He can lift more than twice his body weight.
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“The new Sensoria Mat is easy to use and it can help people get started and stay healthy by weight shifting and lifting part of their own weight on a wheelchair a few times a day, coached by a simple and elegant mobile app in their own wellness and fitness journey.”  – Garrison Redd


Pressure Ulcers

If you spend significant time in a wheelchair you are at risk of developing pressure ulcers.
About 3 million people suffer from pressure sores and 60,000 patients lose their lives due to complications related to pressure ulcers each year in the US.
The best way to prevent ulcers is to change position and perform pressure relief exercises.

Introducing Sensoria® Mat

Wheelchair seat cushions are designed for comfort, pressure management, posture improvement, and increased stability.
However, how do you know that they actually reduce the risk of ulceration?

Sensoria® Mat features

Maximizes comfort

Textile pressure sensor infused insert

Sensoria® Mat Mobile App


Mobile Application Features

Sensoria® Mat Clinically Tested


The fully functional smart cushion and mobile app prototype is currently being tested at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center in Los Angeles. Their hospital and research center have earned the highest status as a spinal cord injury care facility and is the only nationally designated spinal cord injury model system located on the west coast.

“After working with other similar products under development in the past, we have been thrilled with both the consistency, quality, and accuracy of the data provided by the Sensoria Mat. The design of the mobile application provides all the necessary information required for the system to be an effective rehabilitation and training tool. In addition, this information is presented through an elegant and intuitive interface that has been well-received by our clinicians and patients. We are excited to continue to collaborate with Sensoria Health on refining and testing this exciting new product.”
Dr. Jeffery Rankin, PhD
Co-Director of Rehabilitation Engineering