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Sensoria Developer Kit

Based on the vision The Garment is the Computer®, Sensoria has developed an IoMe(Internet of Me) platform that enables you to create internet connected and biometric sensing smart garments.

Our Sensoria Developer Kit (SDK) includes proprietary and customizable textile sensors, microelectronics, mobile data collection and visualization software and the Sensoria cloud infrastructure API’s built on Microsoft Azure:

The Sensoria Developer Kit provides the hardware, API libraries and developer tools necessary to build, test and debug “Internet of Me” solutions based on the Sensoria technology. 

The Sensoria Developer Kit enables developers, researchers and smart garment OEMs to rapidly design, develop and deploy their own range of smart garments – reducing complexity, R&D costs and time-to-market.  The SDK provides the necessary abstraction layer between garments, hardware and apps.

Included in our SDK package, you will receive four components (Garments, Microelectronics, Mobile Software, Cloud System Access) that will help you to develop and test our Sensoria® sensor-infused garments (i.e. socks, shirts, shoes, etc.) with your clinical studies / projects.

  • Smart Garments: Choose from a wide variety of sensor infused garments and footwear that have the capability of measuring biometric data.
  • Microelectronics: Customizable per your request, the SDK includes a 9-axis IMU, rechargeable, BT Smart ready, and custom Analog Front End, Sensoria® Core.
  • Mobile Software: Sensoria Lab is a dedicated iOS raw data collection and visualization app. We also include documentation, sample code, and tools that are necessary to build, test and develop using our Sensoria® Smart Textile Technology Platform.
  • Sensoria Cloud: Provides you with a scalable storage infrastructure that will help you deploy your own solution and develop and connect 3rd party applications and services with our Sensoria® Web API’s and more.
  • Support: Email or phone support with our engineers is included

Development teams can now focus on developing their end-user apps while the SDK removes the complexity of working directly with garments and sensors, Bluetooth stacks, storage, memory, accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers and other services provided by Sensoria smart garments and Sensoria® Core.

Now available, the new Sensoria Core electronics module will be the latest addition to the Sensoria technology platform. Sensoria Core features best of breed, ultra-low power SoC, storage, the ability to connect to multiple footwear and garment embedded sensors and also boasts a 9-axis MEMS sensor. This new embeddable technology will accelerate the integration of a broad spectrum of sensors with footwear and apparel products.

Sensoria® Algorithms

Balance app
Sensoria Balance algorithm

Sensoria has developed a number of algorithms that you can access and customize for your own specific solution.  Some examples of the algorithms available are:

  • Number of steps
  • Cadence
  • Foot Landing (Forefoot vs heel)
  • Time on the ground
  • Balance (COP)
  • Fall Detection